Many people like to read a daily horoscope and, for a time, I wrote them daily and tweeted them on Twitter. Daily horoscopes based on sun signs can never be as accurate as a horoscope based on the actual birth data. Writing a daily horoscope for everyone as a whole took time away from what I enjoy best – working with individuals. My clients want to know about THEIR charts and WHEN they should plan activities based on THEIR charts. After much searching, I have found an accurate daily horoscope generator and an auspicious times generator that is specific to the individual based on the exact birth data. No more wasted time for me or you! They are free to use: just enter your info in the boxes below. If you have a major event to plan and need a personal session to look at timing, I would love to speak with you, so BOOK A READING with me for important events.

You can also ORDER the Day Watch Monthly Details Report for only $5, which will give you an aspect by aspect, exact time forecast, based on your own individual chart. Here is an EXAMPLE of the report