Often I am asked to recommend books or sources of information for the study of spirituality, astrology, manifesting and the use of crystals. The list below is divided into three sections – information that you can access on my site, other sites, and books I recommend most often.

At Aloha Astro:

My Quora Articles
Aloha Astro Library of Free eBooks

Other Sites:

Astrodienst, also known as Astro.com, where I generate and store charts. This site has tons of reading material written by world class astrologers and lots of free reports.

Cafe Astrology has all the basics, plus the deeper stuff, if you want to study astrology and use it.

Psitek is a gold mine of free eBooks on New Thought, spirituality, meditation, consciousness and more.

Reality Creation is Frederick Dodson’s site. He is the author of a book I would want on a desert island if I could only have one book.

Reality Shifters is Cynthia Sue Larson’s site. How to explain it? Just go there and be blown away!

Most Recommended Books:

Parallel Universes of Self (reality creation)
The Science of Mind (spirituality, reality creation, manifesting)
The Genius Frequency (just – wow – a bit of everything. You don’t “read” this, you merge with it)
Secrets From a Stargazer’s Notebook (the easiest and funniest beginner astrology book)
Love is in the Earth (the best book on crystals and minerals, by far. An intuitive conversation between the earth and the author)
Cards of Your Destiny (past, present, future based on mm/dd/yyyy of birth)
Love Cards (more on the Destiny Cards and their matches)