Astrology found me on a rainy summer day at a paperback book rack in a five-and-dime store when I was nine years old. In those days, the Occult selection of the book rack took up about six inches of shelf space. I picked up a book written by the late, great astrologer, Sydney Omarr, that got me hooked on the stars and I inhaled dozens of books in the years to come.

It is said that the best way to learn something is to teach it, and I have taught astrology as an adult education class in the town of Riverhead, NY and also as a play shop in Sedona, AZ. Although I enjoyed working with a group, what I discovered while teaching is that everyone in the class wanted to learn the basics of astrology to better understand themselves and much class time was spent on the interpretation of individual natal charts. People were not there to learn astrology per se, they were there to learn about themselves.

When I was seeking to learn and understand astrology, I had many readings done of my own chart. Just like spaghetti is pasta and tomatoes but a dozen plates of spaghetti can all taste different, a natal chart is just a recipe of planets that can be interpreted in different “flavors” by different astrologers. I feel you cannot begin to learn and understand astrology without the springboard of your own natal chart. Before you begin exploring your own chart, it is best to have one or more readings of your chart. At the very least, I feel an aspiring student should have a computer-generated report and a reading with a professional, experienced astrologer to understand the nuances and adjustments in interpretation an astrologer makes when synthesizing the energy of the complete chart. Your life is so much more than planets in signs, houses, and aspects to each other. Yet a computer-generated report that can only look at the individual pieces of planets, signs, houses, and aspects has a useful purpose in that you can learn some basics that will enable you to explore further if you choose to find the deeper meaning of your chart and the ways in which you can use astrology in your daily life.

Should you choose to learn more about astrology, your options are limitless. I have an Amazon store on this site just full of great books. My personal number one recommendation for a good basic book is Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You by Debbi Kempton Smith because it is funny, and laughter makes everything a breeze, including learning the bones of astrology. With the Internet, you can find endless content, articles, videos, and forums. You can go beyond planets to asteroids, fixed stars, and more. You can go beyond a basic natal chart and transits to a multitude of interpretive and predictive methods. With astrology, you can go as far as yourself in the now to yourself in the future or yourself with another person. It is an amazing tool.

My own particular talent and the thing that gives me the most joy is personal chart interpretation and relationship consultation. I get a real buzz when someone receives understanding, hope, encouragement, or a confirmation when I connect with their spirit through their own natal chart. And I really love to learn that I’ve inspired someone to learn more about astrology. My own Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Mercury, and Gemini Ascendant bless me with ideas and words aplenty, but I can be a bit, um, airy. My articles here will be added as the thought arises, not necessarily in any logical, how-to order.

My intention on this site is not to be the biggest or best astrology teaching site, but to be a place for you to be introduced, perhaps for the first time, to astrology. It is a place to find basic services offered at different fee levels and a place to have fun with free readings, to shop, and to find other resources for all things “astrology.” If you have a link to share that is related, please contact me.

Why “Aloha?” No, I don’t live in Hawaii – yet! I have copied this from an article titled “The Deeper Meaning of Aloha” by Curby Rule.

From the root words in Aloha:

alo, 1. sharing 2. in the present
oha, joyous affection, joy
ha, life energy, life, breath

What could be better than that?

Dunnea Rae (or you can call me Dee)