I am glad you found me here and I am looking forward to our time together. It is now much easier to schedule personal consultations with me. When you click on the BOOK NOW button to your right, it will show you my open appointment times and allow you to choose your time and make a payment through Paypal. You will receive a confirmation email after booking, and a reminder email before our appointment. There are now two services available through this simplified booking format:

#1) Personal reading by phone or Skype using either runes, your own astrological natal chart, or both.
#2) Group discussion sessions.

My other services such as written reports, computer-generated reports, and rune spells can still be ordered directly through the Add to Cart buttons on my site next to the listed service.

Thank you and many blessings,


Next-day bookings are almost always available with me. If you are seeking an immediate reading, please consider visiting Lotus Tarot, or try one of the do-it-yourself readings on my Freebies page.

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