It is my intention to provide insight and to empower you to follow your heart. I am not a licensed physical, mental, or financial health practitioner; I strongly advise you seek experts in those areas when needed. YOU ARE PURCHASING THE TIME WE WORK TOGETHER, OR THE TIME I WORK ON YOUR BEHALF. I take what I do seriously and continually work on improving myself and my skills. After you have received my time, your purchase of my time becomes non-refundable. Any potential error in an astrological report due to you providing incorrect birth data is your responsibility. Any potential error made in an astrological report due to me making an error in entering your birth data in any chart generation program is my responsibility. I cannot guarantee accuracy of a reading or the probable future of your life because each person is solely responsible for creating their own reality, and our futures shift when we change thoughts and emotions. I am not responsible for anything that may or may not happen in your life. Placing an order with me is for “entertainment purposes.”

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    • No, I do not deliberately look for death in a chart. If I see a transit that has the potential to be detrimental to health, I do mention the possible negative effect a challenging transit could have in terms of health but I do not diagnose illness or prescribe any treatments. The primary reason most people reach out to an astrologer is to understand themselves better and to make better life choices. My intention to look for the highest good in each reading.

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