Pendulum Divination

Divining with a pendulum is a form of dowsing that is easily learned and both practical and fun to use. My first experience with this method of finding answers to questions happened when I was a young girl at Girl Scout Camp. One of the girls displayed a needle hanging from a length of thread and told the rest of us girls that she could tell how many children we would have and whether they would be boy or girl, just by the swing of the needle over our palms. It was exciting and fun to see the needle swing and predict our future children.

Many years later, I learned that pendulums could be used as a means of answering questions with a “yes” or a “no”, depending on the swing. It wasn’t until I attended a class taught by a master dowser that I learned just how amazing a tool a pendulum or a dowsing rod could be. During the class, I learned how to use both a pendulum and a dowsing rod to measure the strength and directional spin of chakras. This helped me to see where someone might have an energy block to be released. I also used this method to see which affirmations could either make my energy increase or not respond at all. Imagine being able to know for sure which positive affirmations your subconscious will readily accept and which ones it will not respond too? Would that save some time? After doing the energy work, another “read” of the chakras demonstrated that the work had, indeed, been effective.

I learned that I could dowse things like food and nutritional supplements to see which things were best for me. I learned how to read the energy of places, using the pendulum or dowsing rod to detect ley lines and vortexes of energy. Interestingly, I discovered I was drawn to locations that seemed to have no readable energy at all. My teacher said that this lack of response from the pendulum indicated stagnant energy. For whatever reason, a feeling of safety always comes over me in earth locations that read as stagnant, and I tend to feel invisible when I am in locations like that. I often wonder if animals, such as deer, bed down for the night in places where the energy doesn’t move, as a means of protection. As we walked down the main road past my home with our dowsing rods we kept detecting breaks in the energy of the road that indicated paths of energy crossing the road, yet there were no visible roads or footpaths. When I explained that a river was just a block behind my house, parallel with the main road, it made perfect sense – the energy of many animals over time going to the river for water created the crossing lines of energy we were dowsing.

Since that dowsing class, I have used the pendulum more frequently and with greater confidence. Is it 100% accurate? No. But the answers come not from the pendulum, but from me, and I am far from perfect and some questions I ask can be influenced by my own emotional attachments to a desired answer. A pendulum or dowsing rod is simply a visible extension of one’s own energy field. We are all natural pendulums and dowsing rods. Learning to work with a pendulum tunes you in to your self and increases your own sensitivity to energy and strengthens your natural intuitive abilities.

I am often asked how someone can become more psychic. Playing with a pendulum is an excellent place to start. Here are free PDFs (not written by me, but free for me to give) on how to use a pendulum.

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