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“Dee is gifted and an extra-ordinary person. She guided me through the darkest eighteen months of my life, when all hope was gone. She counseled, guided, and prayed for me. I felt like she was by my side protecting me. With her help, I went from living in hell to living a content and peaceful life.” – Mary

“She is very personable, which makes me feel at ease. Her forecast so far is very accurate. Dee went above and beyond to explain different aspects of the forecast. She also suggested helpful resources. She shares her knowledge, and always seems to give 110% quality service.” – rediamond

“Ms. Dee, Thanks so much! EXCELLENT work and detailed information, and thanks for your spiritual insight in my life.” – Sheila

“Thank you Dee for all of the time you took with me! You are amazing and really know your stuff! I will definitely be back again soon!” – libradiva

“The reading was incredibly impactful! I wish I had a reading with you 20 years ago! Thanks, Dee!” – ktn105

“Thank you so much! Everything you’ve said and the details of my chart will help launch me to my next decision. I see what my problem is; it’s not that I don’t have options – I have too many to choose from. Thank you for helping me to sort life out.” – bklynladee

“Dee is amazing. Her insight is incredible. I recommend her to anyone who would like some clarity about a personal situation.” – iknight

“I love this woman. She gives great readings and great advice with much care. She’s always a joy and explains everything so well.” – kaxxina

“My sincere thanks for giving so generously of your time, and I so appreciate your insights which are uncanny. You find a level of depth and understanding, and a real and true talent and understanding. I cannot thank you enough.” – arnallan

“Dee provided a very accurate reading. She gave a lot of info and was very sweet as well.” – kanewill

“Great! It was my first reading and now I have been spoiled. Dee was extremely insightful and very accurate about my core feelings. Stop thinking and just buy! Thanks Dee!” – hammte

“WOW. I ordered this reading with a leap of faith but it turned out to be SPOT ON. Very detailed and helpful. I have read it several times to get the maximum benefit. I have had many, many readings in the past and this is at par with the BEST of them!” – organicisland

“Absolutely phenomenal! So much more information than I ever expected. Honestly, the best money I’ve ever spent, and worth 10x more. I hope to receive many more readings from Dee in the future. She is a gifted, compassionate, and intuitive astrologer.” – shanynn

“Fantastic! Great work. It is confirming to hear her reading. I’m confident now as to my LIFE PURPOSE. Without mentioning anything to her, she was 100% accurate about my dream profession. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – lightwarrior

“I love her, she is the best. No one has really been able to describe me to the “T” like that before. Please, everyone, order her reading!” – tempo77

“She is awesome! I’m delighted with her ability to ‘read’ a chart – to see what others don’t see and to be so accurate. Many thanks!” – truth108

“…so amazingly accurate, and in ways that bring new information that is truly meaningful and useful! A thousand ‘thank you’s!” – truth108

“Great! My girlfriend found it a very interesting reading, and intriguing enough to order again, and delve deeper into specifics. Thanks, will be back!” – lightwarrior

“A very accurate and detailed reading. Responsive, quick, and delivered as promised. Thanks!” – neveroddoreven

“Fantastic reading and a true gift to work with! Thank you for everything.” – bouncetalk

“Amazing! Responded immediately to my purchase and completed the order extremely fast. Detailed info and pleasant service made this order a perfect one and I’ll definitely buy from again. Highly recommended!” – splendorful

“Wow, very detailed and accurate. Thank you Dee!” – hollys

“Thank you, Dunnea. It’s like I would write it for someone that I would know. Recommended. A+” – clemens

“Amazing. A very thorough reading and a lot of information that I am trying to process now. Definitely worth more. Thank you.” – samisacchi

“OMG! Dee! I can’t believe this woman charges so little for the breadth of information she provides! Everything was SPOT ON and she writes a novel! And, she writes it in a way that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Dee, you are the best! Thanks so much!” – natdoggyco

“I think her work is fantastic and I jump at the chance to read her emails. My brother and his wife found their readings very accurate and even surprising on some things – they agree with it all. Great job.” – thiswilldo

“Dee – Simply amazing. Thanks so much for taking the extra time for me. The accuracy was dead on and the report more detailed than expected. Incredible value and really wonderful to work with you!!!” – Justin

“…about seven years ago you sent me two tapes of my chart reading. Every time I listen to them, I learn something new and it has been very helpful. […] you are very articulate and have a very gentle way of speaking. I would like to commission you to do a reading for my friend whose birthday is coming up soon.” – Kumi Yamashita

“I believe in you and your work as you have given me a wonderful astrology reading.” – Sundara Fawn

“She has decided to return back to her gift of offering readings & charts. YEAH! Personally, I wish to add that she is not like the ordinary astrologers, but offers a lot of intuitive insight making her quite incredible. I have received the best, most detailed and accurate readings from Dunnea at a very reasonable price.” – Sundara Fawn (in an e-mail to her friends)

“Insofar as your astrology goes, you are the most gifted astrologer I’ve ever known. Back in 2005, I decided to listen to the tapes you did of the reading for Steve and me years prior, and I was blown away by your accuracy in all things. So, I’m glad you’re getting back into it.” – Martha Martyn