Divination Tools

Everyone has intuition and some form of psychic ability. The lovely lady in the John William Waterhouse painting above is scrying using a crystal ball. One of the best ways to increase your own psychic abilities or become more comfortable in using and trusting your intuition is to use a divination tool. Runes “spoke” to me when I was very young. Many people are attracted to the symbols in the classic Tarot deck. Anyone can master a pendulum because it is just an extension of one’s own energy. One of my favorite divination tools is the Destiny Card system, also known as Cards of Illumination.

Here are the links to the pages on my site for more info on pendulums and Destiny Cards. I know how to read Tarot cards but I prefer to receive Tarot readings from others, rather than give them – runes are my tool of choice. I will be adding more Tarot decks, pendulums, crystal balls and rune sets to my shop in the days to come.

Cards of Your Destiny
Pendulum Divination